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Startup House Riga - A new center for Latvian startup innovation and growth

Startup House Riga at Spikeri

February 1 will mark the grand opening of Startup House Riga in the vibrant Spīķeri quarter. This dedicated workspace, purpose built to foster innovation, collaboration, and growth, is designed to be a pivotal resource for the Latvian startup community.

Startup House Riga is a non-profit initiative founded by James Berdigans and the TechHub Riga foundation, which is led by Andris K. Berzins. The center's launch is backed by significant funding from Latvia's leading startups and founders, including Berdigan's own Foundation: to my Homeland with Love along with representatives from Nordigen, Gravity Team, and Nutrameg. The space is poised to become Riga's startup hub, offering founders an ideal environment for nurturing their ventures, accessing vital resources, and connecting with peers.

“Startup House Riga symbolizes our commitment to invigorating Latvia's startup ecosystem. It provides founders with a dedicated space to concentrate on their core mission - scaling their startups, while we facilitate everything else”, explains Berzins. “This concept mirrors successful models in other European cities like Tallinn's Lift99 and Helsinki's Maria01”.

James Berdigans envisions a bright future for Latvia as a prosperous nation full of high-value technology companies. "In a country of talents like ours, fostering high-tech enterprises is a great path to prosperity. Startup House Riga will be instrumental in connecting founders with co-founders, initial team members, a vast network of contacts, and both local and international investors."

Startup House Riga features a multifunctional event space hosting TechHub Riga Meetups and other ecosystem activities organized by Startin.LV and TechChill. The upper levels offer co-working spaces, private offices, and areas dedicated to startups, investors, and organizations in the startup ecosystem. With numerous meeting rooms and 18 individual call booths dispersed throughout, the facility is designed to meet the dynamic demands of young, up-and-coming companies.

The project enjoys a lot of support from notable figures in the startup landscape, including Kristofs Blaus (founder of Nutrameg), Kriss Pujats, Edgars Laimite, Martins Benkitis (co-founders of Gravity Team), and others. Their backing aims to provide startups with affordable access to facilities, starting at just 50 euros per month for a desk.

"We've been where these startups are now," shares Rolands Mesters, co-founder of Nordigen. "Our early days at TechHub Riga were critical for learning and growth. It's gratifying to support the next wave of Riga startups, for whom Startup House Riga will be their first  home."

Early members of Startup House Riga include startups like Monetizr, Trace.Space, and, along with venture capital funds and other ecosystem partners. "We anticipate Startup House Riga will be the birthplace of future success stories, akin to Nordigen or Printify," says Andris K. Berzins. He invites startups to join this exciting journey by applying for membership.

Egita Polanska, CEO of Startup House Riga, remarks, "Startups are no longer a niche industry. They have now become vital pillars of any economy by creating jobs, contributing significant tax revenues, attracting foreign investment, and enhancing the innovation and IT landscape for professionals worldwide."


About Startup House Riga:

Startup House Riga is set to be the heart of Latvia's startup community, and is a non-profit initiative founded by James Berdigans and the TechHub Riga foundation, which is led by Andris K. Berzins. The center aims to cultivate an environment conducive to startup success. Offering a suite of amenities and services tailored for startups, Startup House Riga is poised to become a cornerstone in both the Latvian and regional startup ecosystems.

About TechHub Riga:

For 13 years, TechHub Riga foundation has been a pioneer in Latvia's startup ecosystem, creating co-working spaces and events for startups in Riga. It has been the cradle for many of Latvia's success stories, including Nordigen, CoBook, and Gravity Team.


Egita Polanska CEO Startup House Riga

 +371 29 140 058

Maskavas iela 12 k-2


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