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The “From Founders to Founders” program (➡F2F) was created to help  alleviate operational costs and allow founders to focus more on their core business - idea and product development.

One of the challenges early stage founders always face is scarce funding, and how to allocate it across the various costs and needs that a young business encounters.


➡F2F was set up with the vision of providing the right environment for young tech businesses to grow and thrive in Latvia - through building innovative technologies and platforms, new Latvian companies will be able to provide rewarding and fulfilling jobs to thousands.

The program is the brainchild of some of Latvia’s most successful tech entrepreneurs who know all about the struggles needed to grow a business from scratch and want to make it easier for the next generation to establish and grow their companies. 

Our current benefactors include:

Jānis Berdigans Printify
Kristofs Blaus Nutrameg

Krišs Pujāts Gravity Team

Edgars Laimīte Gravity Team

Mārtiņš Beņķītis Gravity Team

Arnis Ozols Httpool

Eduards Zolotuhins DiscoverCars

Jānis Krūms Pomelo / Opportunity

Rolands Mesters Nordigen

Roberts Bernāns Nordigen

All of our benefactors agree that the early days of establishing product-market fit and finding funding are the most stressful for new founders. That’s why ➡F2F will concentrate on providing assistance for early stage activities. 

Currently startups can apply for a subsidy for office space in Startup House. Successful applications will receive a subsidy of 100 EUR per desk/person/month.

To qualify for support, a startup must have:


→ Dedicated team of 1-8 people

→ Scalable business model and market potential 

→ Measurable KPIs for the upcoming 12 months

→ Total attracted funding is less than 1m EUR.

Support period for each startup will be from 6-12 months and can be extended up to 18 months after reviewing KPIs and progress. Ideally during the support period the supported startup should either receive funding or get initial traction to be able to move to full price payment. 

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